Today, overweight and obesity is spreading like an epidemic all over the world. India is known as the diabetic capital.
1 in 5 men and 1 in every 6 women are overweight. 30% of Indian urban population is obese. Excess body weight is implicated as a risk factor to many serious diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, infertility etc.

It has long been known that overweight or obese people have a slower than normal metabolism that allows toxins to build up in their bodies. These toxins lead to illnesses, such as heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as increasing the risk of developing degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis and diabetes.

At Atos Leo, we believe in the power of well-being. We approach renewal and rejuvenation holistically with an emphasis on personal attention. Through one to one consultation,our programs help you to be healthier and slimmer. To accomplish that goal, our extensive slimming and wellness offerings are divided into two primary areas – Nutrition & Diet Services, Slimming and Wellness therapies.

Nutrition & Diet Services
Our personalized Nutrition and Diet Services program centers on the evaluation and management of individual nutritional needs. Through a procedure of personal assessment, followed by one to one consultation with the nutritionist, our guests learn about their body composition and how to evaluate their own metabolism. This information is then used to tailor a diet, slimming treatment & exercise program to fit the unique needs of each individual.

Slimming & Wellness Therapies
As a wellness center, our slimming solutions aim at improving your metabolism and detoxifying the entire body, thereby helping you prevent diseases. Our programs help you to be healthier and slimmer. "Our technologically advanced treatments & scientifically tailor made programs help you lose the unwanted fats deposited in your arms, tummy, buttock, back & thighs. Thus, our programs help you to be healthier and slimmer. Apart from the treatments our comprehensive slimming program features professionally-led yoga postures, exercise regime, the mind/body connection, creating balance and goals, self-esteem and body image, and life enhancement.

  Customer's Speak

@ N. Rajesh Kumar says, it has been a good experience for me over the last 3 weeks. As a person visiting a health spa, looking for a slimming treatment. I bet one couldn't expect more.

@ Prathima Says: Thanks to Atos Leo for what I look today. I took the weight management & Pimple treatment from here. Results were amazing, such that my husband, colleagues and friends could see the visible result. I have got what I wanted, thanks to Atos Leo and its team.