Active, preventive health care is much sought after aspect of medicine in our times, and the offers of holistic medicine, medical wellness and prevention are gaining in popularity. Accordingly, Sebastian Kneipp’s concept of complete health still is of great significance to present –day health care.

Father Kneipp’s holistic health concept is still valued and seen as highly relevant 150 years after it was developed. Following Kneipp Holistic Therapy, Atos Leo Healthfarm provides solution for Pain Management, Stress Management, Weight Management & Skin-care Management for the masses in India. Atos Leo Healthfarm is a place for you in Chennai to find the way back to yourself.

Kneipp Holistic Therapy (5 Pillars):
The Kneipp therapy, also known by its scientific name, Traditional European Medicine (TEM), and its 5 elements: Water, Nutrition, Movement, Herbs and balance which is also the integral component of Atos Leo Healthfarm cure offers. At Atos Leo Healthfarm Pvt Ltd, for optimum and long-term effect of a successful Kneipp Therapy, the procedures are selected and adapted according to individual requirements.

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Hydrotherapy – Water

Sebastian Kneipp really knew how to use it: the healing power of water. This natural element fits perfectly as part of a holistic health concept devised by a pioneer of natural medicine. Feel it for yourself, and you’ll find out why.

Lasting pains, weak circulation, circulatory disorders, illnesses involving a raised temperature, sleep disorders, problems with digestion or the respiratory system – water literally washes them all straight out. At the same time, the body is stimulated by the hydrotherapy, the immune system strengthened, and the muscles relaxed pleasantly. The reason: the variety of stimuli brought about by water, primarily stimulation by coldness. In combination with prior warmth phases – such as in a sequence of alternating hot and cold baths – this effect is even more intense. But also the pressure of water in the baths with herbal extracts never fails to show their beneficial effect. From a range of more than one hundred different affusions, ablutions, compresses, baths and wraps, get your personal “Water Schedule” drawn up for you @ Atos Leo.

Kinesiotherapy – Movement

The concept of Therapeutic Exercise is based on the well-balanced contrast between tension and relaxation. This is not about occasionally achieving a peak performance, but rather about doing some light exercise regularly.

Gymnastics, aqua fitness, walking, cycling, swimming – in the concept of Sebastian Kneipp, any form of active and passive movement is supposed to be included in everyday life. For exercise is not only good for the muscles, but also and in particular for the soul. It is a proven fact that movement makes us happier, more resistant to stress and more self-confident. In one word: HEALTHIER
Get moving then- and step away from your chronic exhaustion!

Phytotherapy – Medicinal Herbs

Already in his days, Sebastian Kneipp knew how to make use of the medicinal effects of herbs. More than 60 herbs were used by Kneipp for their beneficial effect on a great variety of complaints.

Eyebright against conjunctivitis and hay fever, mallow against fever and eczema, succory for liver weakness and gall-stones, horsetail to fight cystitis and rheumatism, the list is long from A to Z. Whether as infusions or tinctures, as plant juices or bath additives, ointments or rubs, powders or pills – they were an integral component of his holistic medical teachings. The effects of most of his medicinal herbs have meanwhile been confirmed by modern science, and the trend towards gentle forms of medicine is now more modern than ever. Yet medicinal herbs do not only soothe aches and pains, they also have preventive effects, to stop you from falling ill in the first place.

Dietetics – Nutrition

Modern Dietetics has all the information: your health starts in your stomach. Natural food contains vital substances towards finding a balance for our entire organism.

What is nowadays as organic food was a usual thing over a hundred years ago. The fresher, more natural and well-balanced, the more popular it is. There is a reason for the saying, “You are what you eat”. But if you think that eating healthy food means absence of pleasure, you’d better think twice. And this does not only apply to breakfast. Herbal infusions and fresh juices are part of well-balanced nutrition. And they are good for you.

Order Therapy – Inner Balance

According to Kneipp’s philosophy, a natural rhythm of life and absolute harmony of the soul lead to maximum vitality, productivity and pleasure. If you have found out how to balance your soul and create an inner order, you are well on the way towards restoring your health.

We all know that good health is not simply for sale, but require a lot of efforts for us each and every day. In this, a healthy way of living is just as important as pleasant compensation for stress and tension. Reading, music, painting or breathing exercises help you let go and gather new strength. Or just take a walk outside and enjoy nature. Just try out new things- that is the only way to really get to know yourself and your needs. If you are open to new things and always ready to learn, you can do more for your inner balance than you think. After all, the task of living an active and positive life is yours alone.