Pain Management Treatments
Back / Joint / Knee / Neck Pain

 Our customized hydrotherapy session helps to soothe muscles and joints, there increasing the production of endorphins (natural pain-reducing substances) thus providing natural relaxation from pain.

Arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints, causes pain and swelling as well as decreased range of motion. Researchers believe that hydrotherapy can ease the aches and pains of arthritis while allowing the joints a higher degree of mobility.
Frozen Shoulder

While your frozen shoulder will eventually go back to normal using our therapy procedures there by relaxing muscles in the affected area. That means less chance of inflammation, which otherwise would cause tenderness and swelling. Also helps in improving your range of motion where by encouraging blood flow to underlying tissues that need the nutrients delivered by fresh, oxygen-rich blood.
Disc Prolapse / Degeneration

Our therapy program improves flexibility or joints and muscles, increases the range of movements. It helps slow down the degenerative process, promotes regenerative process in bones and joints and faster healing of injured muscle tissue.

Condition in which vertebral joints become fixed or stiff, causing spondylosis pain and restricted mobility. Our therapy program strengthens the spine degenerative tissues, repairs abnormal wear of the cartilage disc, and removes the pain and stiffness associated with spondylosis.

Pain felt in the back and down the back and outer part of the thigh and leg due to compression on sacral spinal nerve roots or the sciatic nerve, often associated with degeneration of an inter vertebral disc. Our Therapy works on the sciatica symptoms helps to lead a pain free life due to spinal and nervous disorders.
Stress Management Treatments
Stress relief therapy

Stress is attributed as one of the reasons for insomnia. Our treatments help you to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate. The negative ions and ozone guarantee the relaxation of mind. Further the aroma of oils and the aroma wraps improves the quality of sleep thereby reducing stress and rejuvenates oneself.
Body Detox Program

Specially designed for those suffering with body pain and stress. The salt minerals and aroma elements detoxifies and regenerates the body and refreshes mind.
Revitalizing Bath

A complete stress buster!! This bath of herbal extract and minerals, relaxes the body, reduces lactic acid accumulated in muscles, detoxifies and eases fatigue. Combination of ozone and aroma improves your metabolism and hydrates the skin. Allow your skin to absorb the nourishment and emerge revitalized.
Other Wellness Treatments
Gastric Problems

Treatments assist in gastric problem by improving the functioning of digestive system through internal warming, detoxification, improved metabolism and increased blood circulation.

The Treatment helps you cope with this problem by improving peristalsis movement, improving the blood circulation and relaxing the muscles and blood vessels around Anus.
Asthma or any Respiratory Disorders

Kneipp Hydrotherapy is one of the best treatments for respiratory related disorders as the steam and the Eucalyptus extracts clears the respiratory blockage and clears the tract. Also, involved in this is the ozone and negative ions which help you breath pure air.
Skin Disorders

Tiny and water currents added with herbal oils and salts assist in the removal of dead cells, flaking skin and dirt from the skin pores. Ozone cleanses and oxygenates skin thereby improving blood circulation which allows the skin to breathe and the result is improved texture and improved skin tone. Our therapy also helps in completely avoiding body odor.
Irregular menstruation/ cyst

Irregular Menstruation or cyst has become common issue among female due to sedentary lifestyle and poor metabolism which in turn affects the hormonal functions. Hydrotherapy stimulates the blood circulation and the immune system which aids in regulating the menstrual cycle without drugs, surgery and side-effects.

Hydrotherapy is one of many infertility treatments that can help to treat both male infertility and female infertility problems. Hydrotherapy increases blood circulation, which stimulates the reproductive organs and therefore helps to improve reproductive health.

Diabetes is one condition that cannot be cured but can be controlled. Our treatments help you in controlling diabetes by improving the internal warming which in turn improves the functioning of pancreas thereby balancing the production of insulin. Not just this, our treatments also act as passive exercise.
High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol

Treatments aim at detoxifying, improving blood circulation also doubles up as a passive exercise. The internal warming attained through our treatment helps dilate the blood vessels and thereby assist in lipid drainage. This helps regulate the blood pressure level in the body.
Weight Management
Body Shaping Program (Weight Loss)

This program is designed to suit the individual needs of the shape of body whether apple, pear or any. It helps by breaking the saturated fats and firming & toning the body. By improving the metabolism and working on the life style weight loss is achieved in a healthy manner.
Body Contouring

Achieve your dream look, feel good and look beautiful with our latest technology to help you achieve upper back beauty, beautiful abs, lower back beauty and bust beauty.
Cellulite Reduction

A light base technology which includes sub dermal tissue massage, highly effective in reducing cellulite ,improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage resulting in loss of cellulite and toxins in the body.
Post Pregnancy Slimming

This program includes restoring the elasticity of muscle and removal of excess fats thereby bringing the new mom back to shape.
Firming Therapy

Combined treatment including melting the extra fats using hyperthermia method as well as firming up the tissues, restoring the elasticity and toning the muscles resulting in a firmer and a healthier body.
Tummy Trimming Program

This program includes working on a particular area like tummy for example man belly & pot belly in females. This reduces the appearance of unsightly fat, regenerating healthy cells. And the outcome is a firm and a trimmed tummy.
Body Restoration Program

Stay fit and fine with our restoration maintenance package. Leave no sign of fat deposition on your body by maintaining at regular intervals.
Advanced Skin Care Aesthetic Treatments  
Skin Lightening Therapy

Be transformed by this lustrous experience, designed to minimize blotchy skin, soften facial lines, improve skin tone, oxygenates the skin and helps in cell renewal to give the enhanced glow on face.
Anti Acne / Post Acne Mark Treatment

This treatment focuses on destroying the P. acnes bacteria, thereby reducing inflammation and preventing the sebaceous glands from secreting too much of sebum thus reducing acne proliferation. It is also effective in treating blackheads & whiteheads, hyper pigmentation, acne scars and ageing fine lines. A must try for those who want a clear and a spotless skin.
Pigmentation Therapy

Assists in the production of collagen and elasticity which encourages new healthy cell growth. This therapy helps to remove the appearance of small scars, hyper pigmented spots. Finally gives you a spotless, glowing skin with the collagen mask.
Face lifting / Anti Aging therapy

This treatment targets deep frown furrows and wrinkles, sagging skin. After the twelfth session the fine lines are visibly smoothened and the surface of the skin looks fresh, youthful and refined. This unique treatment is non-invasive that will provide you with a younger looking and a flawless skin.
Hydrating Skin Therapy

A lubricating and a hydrating treatment for dry dehydrating skin which makes the skin smooth and plump, soft and bouncy to touch. Thus it diminishes the tight, flaky and dull look from the skin.
Signature Organic Face Therapies
De-tanning Face Therapy

Signature therapy of Atos Leo… An efficient coolant face care for your skin using organic ingredients like betel leaf, ripe banana, rose petals & Mehandi. The rejuvenating double massage facial not only helps in cleansing pores, but also removes the tan and provides a glow at the end of the session. Suitable for all skin types. Recommended for Combination skin
Symphony for the senses “Anti-Aging”

This luxury anti-ageing special treatment for the ultimate rejuvenation of skin, which promotes regeneration. The anti-wrinkle mask promotes cell regeneration, reduces the depth of wrinkles and makes your skin tighter and firmer – offering ideal protection from damaging environmental effects and letting you enjoy its radiant appearance.
Golden Essence Face Therapy

One of the best face therapy - “Gold for your Skin”. Using the previous metal essence which promotes cell regeneration, reduces the depth of wrinkles and makes your skin tighter and firmer – offering ideal protection from damaging environmental effects and letting you enjoy its radiant appearance.
Secret Beauty Weapon Face Therapy

This is a truly amazing face care designed to pamper all skin types. You will experience deep relaxation while your skin becomes cleaner, smoother and your circulation is improved. Suitable for all skin types since the ritual is customized accordingly.
Cleopatra Floral Face Therapy

A rejuvenating face care using floral extract & milk which is said to be beauty secret of world beauty Queen Cleopatra. This ritual nourishes, revitalize and hydrates skin; they also contain powerful antioxidants which combat free radical damage and help prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
Instant Skin Purifying Face Therapy

The soft power of natural phyto hormones obtained from algae, which is rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and has more than 18 amino acids. This ritual is very effective in diminishing black spots, scar as well as lightens, smoothens and refines skin. Suitable for all skin types and recommended for Pigmentation and Acne skins.
Cocoa Clarifying Face Therapy

This is a signature special treatment for the ultimate rejuvenation of skin which is in great need of regeneration. The beneficial properties of the cacao fruit which is an anti-oxidant helps to combat the visual signs of aging.
Refreshing Mint Face Therapy

A soothing facial using mint base which has medical properties and excellent aroma benefits softens, relaxes hydrates and refreshes the skin. This facial provides gentle care and pampering while coming to rescue by deeply cleansing and soothing the skin. Recommended for Acne / Oily skin
Aroma Face therapy

The facials help in inducing relaxation by relieving you of stress. It is pleasing to your senses and at the same time, takes care of beauty problems. Essential oils are filled with soothing properties and consequently, help in soothing your skin. Your skin gets moisturized and pampered in the right way possible because the facials involve the use of the right blend of essential oils. As a result, your skin glows with health and you get a clear complexion. Your face looks radiant and fresh.
Fruit Fusion Face Therapy

A balancing and hydrating facial ritual using Papaya or any other fruit extracts to get a glowing skin. Believe it or not this facial procedure helps in softer, clearer, younger looking skin tone. Recommended for all skin types.
Eye Contour Treatment

This multi-action eye treatment combines various massage techniques to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Also, relaxes tired eyes and minimizes wrinkles and fine line. The ending collagen mask provides nutrients to the skin which in turn hydrates the skin to regain firmness.
Herbal Hair Care Treatments
Gentle Herbal Conditioning

This feel good treatment to the hair that purifies hydrates and reconstructs coarse, dry and sun parched hair providing deep conditioning and shiny look.
Hair Nourishment Program

A comprehensive protein restorative program of head massage with special blend of herbal oils, herbal pack & herbal conditioning which brings rare and unique herbs blended together aimed at supplying the hair root with the nutrients essentials to a healthy glowing hair.
Anti- Hair fall Treatment

Though there were various reasons for hair fall, stress is one of the main causes for it. This treatment procedure designed to improve the blood circulation, helps the scalp to oxygenate which in turn stimulates the hair growth. This, combined with a shoulder, neck and scalp massage, will increase circulation to ease your mind and release the tension of jet-lag or stress.
Anti- Dandruff Treatment

As dandruff is essentially an accumulation of dead cells on the scalp, the oils help create a sterile environment that prevents the growth of bacteria. The massage, steam and application of herbal hair care powder help cleanse the scalp while preserving its natural oils.
Foot & Hand Care Therapies

The foot is our body’ main source of support with 26 bones, 11 muscles and 7000 nerve endings. Our foot deserves the same wellness and consideration as rest other part of our body and yet it very much neglected area. Work on your foot regularly to stay away from diseases.

Aroma Foot Care

Atos Leo’s specialized aroma foot care, which integrates age old herbal extracts with traditional and modern foot and nail care to give a comprehensive care for your foot and in turn for your body. The therapy start with herbal foot vapors which relaxes your nerve ending and followed by foot soak infused with aroma and herbal extracts; then involves thorough scrub of lower leg and foot followed by the leg cocooned in a herbal sack. The session is completed by a delicate massage to your feet. Recommended for those with Varicose Veins, Foot Pain and poor circulation.
Foot Detox Bath

By soaking you foot in bio electrically charged water, the energy point in our foot is stimulated which in turn supports in detoxification. The session is completed with a mild exfoliation of the foot and completed with a soothing moisturized massage.
Paraffin Guasha Foot/Hand Care

This feel-good treatment provides gentle care for your foot with a relaxing aromated foot soak, followed by the foot care procedures, a herbal pack for the foot to lightening skin and finally ended with a soothing aroma oil Guasha scrub and massage provides a wonderfully relaxed physical feeling and makes you feel light at the end of the session. A complete stress buster.