With the hectic lifestyle & stress, people hardly find time to relax, rejuvenate or even exercise, which is the reason why India stands today as the diabetics capital of the world. Established in the year 2011, Atos Leo Healthfarm Pvt Ltd is the first wellness chain in India to introduce Kneipp Therapy concepts for the wellbeing of the customers. Atos Leo Healthfarm was formed with an objective of creating an unparalleled experience for our customers using Kneipp Hydrotherapy concepts wherein ensuring peace of mind and serenity are the central focus.

Atos Leo Healthfarm is the only center in India to deliver Kneipp's holistic methods, for complementary medicine and for wellbeing. All therapy methods are supervised by specially trained physicians and therapists. "Kneipp's holistic method" developed over 100 years ago by Sir Sebastian Kneipp, Germany.

Each guest of Atos Leo is invited to immerse themselves in a personalized program built with the assistance of the chief wellness consultant wherein, the Consultant's role is to understand the individual goals and intentions and to schedule activities and hydrotherapy treatments that will help achieve their need. Our Center is very carefully designed to provide the ultimate destination to soothe, refresh and rejuvenate body and mind. A sanctuary from the pressures of everyday living, our dedicated aim is to purify and detoxify, promote wellbeing, and leave you feeling "Harmony from within".

Our Expertise
Based out of Singapore, Atos brings to you the legacy of wellness that it had carried along for the past three decades. Atos chain of wellness centers are spread across Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and Europe. Atos portfolio of services is wide arrayed which includes facials, body treatments and wellness services brought together from eastern and western cultures.

Our expertise and strength relies on the management comprising of founder and senior members who direct the organization vision and provides guidance on critical strategic and financial decisions for new and existing businesses.

Mr. Ananda Rajah - Advisory Board Member

CEO of Atos Wellness Pte Ltd, Singapore; Mr.Ananda Rajah sets the strategic direction and vision of the Atos Wellness group across the world. The entrepreneurial spirit of Mr Ananda Rajah was recognized in 2009 when he was awarded the 2009 Spirit of Enterprise award in Singapore. Mr Ananda Rajah and Atos Welness group was recognized largely for their efforts in ‘making the world a better place’ for their customers.
Mr.S.T.Vellu - CEO

Having graduated from RMIT, Australia in Business Administration, Mr.Vellu is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has a vision to package all the wellness concepts across the globe and package it to India in such a way that the therapy benefits all levels of masses irrespective of classes. Only Professional been trained in Kneipp Hydrotherapy Concept from Sebastian Schule of Hydrotherapy in Germany. Mr.Vellu has also done his graduation in Alternative Systems of Medicine from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.
Mrs. Pathma Ananda - Advisory Board Member

Atos Leo Healthfarm is born with the wellness industry expertise of Mr.Anandah Rajah & Mrs. Pathma Ananda in Singapore. Being the COO of Atos Wellness Singapore, she has extensive experience in building successful business in Asia. She has contributed her time and knowledge in the early stages of Atos Leo’s development and provided strategic guidance whenever required. She acts as an inspiration for the Atos group of wellness center across Singapore & India.
Mrs. T. Usharani - Advisory Board Member

An energy motivator in the entire core management team. She manages the relationships with key partners and leads local execution within the organization. She also spearheads the recruitment division (Leo Marshell Agency) of Leo Marshell Group. She has hands on expertise to motivate and administrate the entire group activity efficiently.
Ms. M. Anu Priya - COO

Having graduated in Bachelors in Alternative Medicine Systems from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine and Master’s in Business Administration, Ms. Priya has been instrumental in transforming Atos Leo Healthfarm wellness concepts in India. Additionally she is also been trained in the Natural Therapies and other Slimming therapies from Singapore. Having won the certificate programme for Women Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs and Indian School of Business (ISB), she spear heads the India operation.

Our Philosophy

At Atos Leo, our philosophy is to assist the individuals towards bringing their body into balance which creates harmony from within. When this happens, the body is able to heal itself.

Our Mission is to
• Bring awareness among every individual about the importance of “HEALTH VIA HYDROTHERAPY”.
• Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment which dates back to 4th Century BC and used by many ancient cultures. Our mission is to introduce these ancient Hydrotherapy treatments in combination with nature and technology that is available across the globe for the benefit and well being of every individual in India.
• To bring all the advanced other concepts of holistic wellness (all natural therapies) from around the world and package it in a way such that it caters to the needs of the masses.
• Last but not the least to go beyond the realms of ordinary to extraordinary customer service and value irrespective of classes.